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Related post: Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2006 15:57:04 EST From: Subject: Raw Recruits. Chapter model porn clips 17.Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it 18ban model is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one another. Please write: I would love to hear if you like my story.Raw Recruits. Chapter 17.The shrieking screams from Shrum had Carey licking ravenously and faster and harder into Sarge's toes to hopefully so please the big man to keep his own self from being 'deflated' as well.Sarge stood back from Shrum with Carey crawling all around the floor so as not to let his tongue leave touch with those spitshined ebony feet.Sarge was just about to kick the annoying drag on his foot before he realized he was being serviced.Looking down at the dumbass white tool, he wiggled his toes into the kid's mouth a little, gripping behind the kid's bottom teeth and 'O'-ring, and pulling him a ways across the floor snickering. Soon pure hot models enough he grabbed Stevie up by his arm, heaving him into a newly gasping Shrum where he hung from his arms wrapped around the kid up against the wall.As Sarge lay back on the bed he flipped his riding crop at the two doofs hanging to each other on the wall. Shrum's legs curled around behind Carey and he hugged his buddy into him while tugging in vain at his arm restraints. The whip bounced off Carey's butt to the floor. Sarge liked the sight of Shrum leg-hugging Carey into him like he was, and got up taking eviemodel nude hold of the riding crop he initially wanted Carey to beat the other dude's feet with.Now he still was gonna beat Shrum's soles again, but with Carey feeling every twinge and jerk of the foot-beaten toy soldier.Pretty soon Robbie's already well-beaten feet were jerking hard into Carey's back as he vainly tried to pull them back and away from the menacing leather horse whip.Tears streamed down Shrummie's face as his feet were unmercifully whipped.Back in the head, Fenwick got control of what was doin' with the black troops putting whitie to service, and then pulled his meat from Paulie's face and stood back juicing it with his fingers while directing the five black troops to show him how they gang whitebread ass and face. Fucking elated, the black kids mounted Paulie Hodge's upturned ass while he lay on his back on the shower room floor and fed his face as well. Fenwick was rock hard and seeping prejack while giving orders...."You dere! Get the honky's ass up higher and get yur dick in there 'longside yur bro's.....DOUBLE bang that mutha! MOVE IT!!!!"The excited black boots were steeled taking orders to sweets models password plow whitieboy tail. They were delirious! "Andju...FUCKAH! Get yo' ass on his chest and feed yur dick in that queer mouth with yur bro's meat!"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! Hodge was getting a double bangin' kiddy girl models up his bung and down his face!!!! His body was jerking uncontrollably from all the sensations he was feeling in the fevered petals of his tailhole and the need for air to breath pre tiny models through the mass of blackboi cock flesh filling his facehole!Fenwick was crazed with what he was choreographing! He was standing over the four bucking soldiers pumping his massive peter like mad, crouching into his own palmfuck as that blackboi team took Paulie down and deep. The feel of their own cocks rubbing through and against each other....the sensuously gripping bungwalls of whitepussy and the tongue and lip massage of honky mouth was sending them all to new highs that could only sweet sexy model lead to the wildest, breathless fuckshot these bruthas ever had in their little models ukrain lives!Their cockjoy screams echoed out of the head out through the squadbay. At the other end, and in their own version of sextoy joy, Sarge was pregnant lingerie models now nine inches deep up into Carey's trooperbox. Heaving, humping and panting in raging rut-thrust, Sarge had Shrummie's feet hoisted up on top of Carey's shoulders where he continued to beat them about the tops and toes with orders to Robbie that yaung models biz he had better not pull them away just because he feels a 'little' pains from the whip.Shrummer was screamed out....he was cried out. The tops of his feet and toes were numb. So were Carey's shoulders fum when Sarge 'missed' Robbie's feet and hit Carey instead.It was fabulous! EVERY time he struck Carey's shoulder, prettens modelos the kid soldier squeezed his sphincter around Sarge's prodding probe and Sarge would get whole new chills and thrills from his totally absorbing toy soldier buttfuck.It was not long before roll call and inspection before the start of the platoon's first ever field problem, but the pedo model foto sextoy workouts went on and on deep into the night.It was tough for the newly wallet fattened other troops to sleep in the bay with all the racket from both the head at one end, and Sarge's quarters at the other end of the barracks. super teen model Every black trooper knew who was getting treated to the likes of soldier-black. They all had gotten sight of Paulie Hodge being plowed into next week under the tutelage of Sgt. Fenwick in the bathroom....and with two other kayala child model bunks empty, it was academic that Sarge had both Carey and Shrum, his fave toolhole, in his rooms.The shrieks, yowls and roaring laughter had every ebony tool in the barracks hard as steel and leaking big time.It would only be a matter of time...tired and boozed up as they were, that they would be having white ass and face toyplay to calm those savage fuck rods drooling in their boxers.....Raw Recruits. Chapter 17.And so it came to pass. The moon had already passed it's zenith in the sky as it shone it's great light over the rows upon rows of soldier barracks below.The quiet of the wee hours of the morning was thick with an eery fog and frosty looking dew on the rooves and grass.The serenity of the scene belied the preeteen paymodels antics of Barracks One.Private Brown, 'Brownie', he just couldn't take it any more. His prick was humming.... churning....against his belly for an hour while he listened to his bro's take Private Paulie through his paces in the head...and as his was the first bunk up front on nude model shoot the left, he was the closest to all the fun Shrummer and Carey was having in Sarge's quarters.He needed him some pussy....some whitieboypussy ass....and now!!!!He pulled his hand out of the waistband of his shorts where it had been fooling his tool for already far too long and shuffled none too quietly over child model lsm to Conway's bunk. Brownie was never one for bailey adult model standing on ceremony. Conway had tried to do everything the Sarge asked of him....and he serviced his fellow black troopers as well, but what he always found with each passing day in 1st Platoon, was that no matter what he did, it would never be fucking enough! and surely, never enough FUCKIN'!He was startled at the roughhouse above his head and started to lurch message young models up but he could barely move...and now he couldn't get a breath either.Brownie had plopped his black teen soldier ass on Conway's pillow, and lobbed his meaty hog right in the kid's mouth pulling his straining kinder sex model chin and neck back unnaturally. His chest arched up to ease his tortured neck as he looked up and started to shout from shock and surprise. He couldn't move because Brownie had planted both his oversized feet on Conway's belly, and had now shoved them into his boxers to diddle the kid's dick."Suck, crackah!" is all Conway heard. He twisted and squirmed to get sideways or over on his belly so he could service his smallish black master and try to get some air. Brownie made it super difficult for the kid to turn, but Conway finally made it, and then "Ucccghhhhh!" Brownie made him pay by throating the young troop and holding his models petite nude face balls deep into his pubes while he rut-fucked it, "Uh! Rrrnff! Uh! Uh! Ernnngghh!"Conway would have gasped if he could. His throat hole was filled with hard ebony cock! Here came Private Kanell who had little exotic models watched the scene devlop from across the aisle. Butt naked, he padded over to Conway's bunk, and just as the kid was getting a full swallow of black cruller from Brownie, 'S-M-A-A-C-C-K-K-K!!!!'Kanell waled ol' Conway's butt and the fiery sting made the young soldier jerk up in his bunk off his belly, and if it was at all possible...take even more of massage modelle Brownie's cock into his throat!Brownie was stunned at the newly sensuous excitement on his black-purple cockhead from what his brothah did to Conway..."Do it again man! Lemme see if I can drive'iss t'ing out his ass!"Kanell and Brownie convulsed in laughter, waking up anybody else that could possibly be sleeping through all this, and Kanell smashed Conway's ass one more time...harder.Brownie looked down, after the initial excitement of the white dude's face crawling down even further on him....there was something sexy sex model warm...wet was it? in his pubes!He pulled Conway's distorted face-fucked mouth up so he could see, and there for all the world to see was Conway crying a river boy model teen of tears from the stinging beating girl child model Kanell gave him. Brown and Kanell were so pleased they decided that Kanell should keep walin' him sandrateenmodel topless till his tears dried up.He did, and then he children sexe model laid down full length on top of Conway's red-hot whipped and beaten ass and sank his poker to the deeps. "Errrrmmmmpphhhh!" was all Conway could muster as Kanell's massive tool made a whole new man of Conway that night. It was a half hour later and Kanell was still grunting into Conway's ear...."Fuckyou! Fuckyou! FuckYOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!"Brownie loved it. Loved it all! "Yahhhh! Take it toolfool! Yu gettin' it good fum ol' Brownie, too, boi! Hang on fucker, here cum yur sauce to go wit'cher dinner!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Uhm! Uhh! A'good! Eat it fucker! Yahh! fuck-in' eat ittttttt!"Conway just hung his face on that kid's dickhead so scared that if he let it go, Brownie would slam his throat full of teenprobe again.Brownie was heaving in hairy nude models all his raw fuck'tensity. His head was thrown back and just facing up into the dark of the ceiling little debbie model while his prick savored the joys of whitie suckface.Then, and after Kanell had his fill of whitebread and pulled out, above Conway, Brownie was rustling around and scootched down into Conway's bunk, pushing the white kid off to the side and he almost fell out onto the floor.He pulled himself back and rose up on his knees above and alongside Brownie. "Betchu rides dawn sandlmodels hawsses, eh, queenie?" Brownie taunted Conway in the darkness. The moon gave him just enough light to see Brown waving his toysoldier meat wickedly back and forth, while he humped his butt up and down, and said, "You show me how you rides'em hawssies, sweetbread.....RIDE MUTHAFUCKAH!" 'C-r-a-a-a-c-k!' Brown railed at the scared-shit kid who he backhanded across the face as he ordered him to sit on his black stick 'pony'.Conway had every one of the black troops up his butt already childs modelings preeteens that week, 7yonudemodels and he was quick to make sure he didn't get smacked again, and scrambled to get up on Brownie and happy him up.Alex, the top ranked recruit in the company was watching the scene in the next bunk. He felt a twinge for his suckboy Conway having to ride cock through the night, but it had become a whiteboy fact of life in First Platoon, and he just smiled and rolled over. He was luana model nude going to be company commander the next morning for the field exercise, and needed all the rest he could models in tights get....well, he couldn't help mala models nude listening to Brownie root on his buttfuck whitefag and got himself off in his bunk.As uncustomary as it was for Alex to get into most of the shit his bros meted out to the white kids, he threw off his sheet and reached up to Conway's face . "Take care'a thet, boi," he ordered Conway. He had shot his nut into his hand and fed it to Conway who licked it up ravenously so as not to be accused of not serving his masters properly. Alex had been one of the first to take Conway's ass, and the kid both sucked Alex and took care of his ass, his brass and his boots.Alex just shook his head in disbelief as florian child model the young white troop licked every curdle of Alex' goo even from between his fingers, gripping the black teen's wrist tightly. Alex' bros had these white teen boots literally 'eating' out of their hands.There was a yelp from up front of the barracks....most likely Shrummie serving his master.The rafters were creeking, from the action on the second floor. Privates Hinds kiddy naked models and Barry were in a wild fuckathon for the black dudes of 3d and 4th Squads upstairs. Then there was a thumping of barefeet on the stairs, and three black troops from upstairs surveyed the white product at hand....big smiles, and Private Denny was the lucky choice.Feet and arms in hand and they were hauling him kicking from his bunk up the stairs to make it a threesome for the fuckathon.Black shiny faces smiled and glowed in the moonlight up and down the rows of bunks on both floors as each ff model ella troop readied his peter for play or just enjoyed the sucking, sqssking humping sounds of pleasure being inflicted on every white trooper in the barracks, which made every one of them black boys horny as fucking toads and working his pecker to get his hand, in a whitie mouth...or a sweetbread asshole! Ahhh nude europian models life lsm model nude was good for these young fuckers....some wondered if it could ever be better....whutcha think?.....Roodster, not to be denied, had gotten up for a piss and when he found Hodge in a handstand in the urinal with four guys feeding his facehole, he just joined right in. His best fun was to piss down the poor dude's nose and watch him nearly drown coughing and snotting the piss up to no avail gagging and choking. Whut fuck-innnn' funnnnnnnnn!But, he got so horny looking at the state of that poor bastard, when he came back out he caught sight of Private Denny making believe he was sleeping.He yanked Denny by his tee shirt out of his bunk onto the floor and the kid shrieked then realized he was being pulled to service and scrambled to get his legs under him, but it was already too late for that. Private Rood had him hanging by the shirt and being dragged bent-kneed on the tops of his toes and feet to Rood's bunk.Climbing into his bunk, Rood youtube sexape models had the toy soldiertool kneel alongside on the floor and lick him starting from the toes. "Eat me, boy! Eat me like it's yur last dinner....and it MIGHT just be, muh'fuck!"And a fruitful night was had by all. The fine fucking and muthahumpin' black troops served up the fruit of their loins, and the whitefaggots in service kneeled, squatted, spread 'em and bent over to receive them fruits....again and again and againnnnnnn! Every once in a while a black troop would have his boyslave tell him how much he liked being blacked."Fuck me black, sir! I love eatin' black! I wanna be blacked, preeteen models tpg sir! Please do me black, sir!" and smiles would break out all over the barracks!Sarge had taken to getting a admiral model lnc7748a80 little shuteye, so he lay out in his rack while Carey continued to work Shrummer into the early morning hours. Carey so wanted to stop the torment of models youngest nude his buddy, but neither troop could take the chance that Sarge would wake up and not see cock or tongue in ass or mouth. One of the last things Sarge assigned Carey to do was to feed the handle end of the whip up into Shrummie to see how much he could take....and he had to work it up there with the whip-end in his mouth. Whutta chore! He couldn't close his mouth because of the fucking 'O'-ring behind his teeth, and kept getting it jammed into his throat. He also had extend himself away from Robbie with them both hanging from the wall. The strain on Robbie Shrum was enormous carrying Carey's weight and now the push of the young troop away from him so he got to mouth the whip and work it up the tormented toytool's bunger.Sometimes there's beauty in young models com art....other times there's art in beauty...this was all of that.....and then a whole lot more.Strungup teenboy so'djer skins, sweating puddles to the floor beneath them, working so hard through the night to please their sargeant. Oh yes! Sarge smiled as he curled up in his bunk with the visions of honky boyface working his whitie buddy's hole, "Unnghhh! Oh please! Unnggggghh!" Shrummer begged....Out in the bay, things was getting boring for Brownie who'd had enough of the one on one whitie bung-a-fuck. Ace ballbreaker and choregrapher of the platoon, he took off for the second floor while yelling at ls art models his bros behind him, "Get them whitiefags in a circle and find a flashlight!"Panting as he came down the second floor aisle, he coaxed the dudes working their three honkybois to come downstairs and join them into a bigtime circle-fuck'n suck.The brothas who were plugged into whitebread ass at the time, ham-slammed their charges one or two more times and then after getting their tools tongued off, herded their three fuckserfs down the stairs at the crawl.Private Barry was last as they headed down on all fours, asses up, and he was being prodded with a five foot broom handle up his butthole. These poor fuckers, they'd get triggered in their hotspots sometimes and get hard or shoot off while they were servicing obese nude models their black masters and be laughed at for 'queering' on black'.At the bottom of the stairs, they were ordered over, flat onto their butts and had to backstroke out into the center of the squad bay highschool teen models pushing on their heels and elbows hmong model teens all the way. The skin squeaks sounded like the sneakers on a basketball court. The other two whiteboi pussy faggots were being set up asses up and facing out to the room, resting precariously on their shoulders and heads to provide fine white hole for some roundhouse blackin'.As the three boots from upstairs fish-crawled on their backs they sadly turned to see Paulie Hodge in the urinal. The poor fucker'd been serving in the lavvy all night, and while there were a few team changes, there was a mess of black troops working him the whole time. He had done everything now from swirlies with his head flushed upside down in the commode, to pony-riding at least 17 fine young hung black dudes, not to mention Sergeant Fenwick who had been directing the play for half the night. Every dude that blacked ol' Paulie got off in his mouth and ass at least one time. They'd made the fucker into a pegboard, and there were constant wails of, "Please sir, I love it....may I have another," permeating the squad bay, the stairwell and the head.At that particular moment, Hodge was wrist-tied to the plumbing spread eagled, ass out to the butt fucker of the moment, young black Becker, and then there was the unmistakable quaffing and slupping indian bikini models in the trough of black soldier piss that had been prepared all night for Hodge and left to ferment with the drain plugged just for him.There was really no white teen soldier troop who could feel more sorry for any other. They hadn't had modelos kids xxx their own lives for a week now, and it was only the end of the third week of basic training. Five more weeks to go....if they could make nubile photo models it....and it wasn't the army training they had to worry about. Their sinewy, taught smoothe white boy soldier skins, mouths and assholes were being stretched taught through the test of cock!! and! and every hour it seemed like each test would be the ultimate....the final test....the most anyone could endure....and then there'd be a whole new round of blackboi dick service! There wasn't an end to it. There wouldn't be an end to it. They started to be resigned to it, but if they showed concession and willingness, and remorseful acceptance of service, the black dudes became pissed. They wanted their whitie faggots to show them fight!The circlefuck was formed. The troopers from upstairs were padding down behind their backstroking whitie slavetools, to partake of the spoils.Brownie was in the center of his masterpiece which he was now calling, 'Whitie in the Round' staging the whiteass as he had envisioned. It actually worked that the five tooltails facing buttup would lean against each other, sort of hip to hip around in a circle.Each tail was bent down and out facing that pretty white smile out to the room. "Whewwww!" was the breathless gasp of many of the black boys as they crossed their bare chests with their ebony arms and joyfully viewed the sight of five fine white young creased melons....smiling at them....shadowy, and flickering in the single light of the flashlight on the floor in the be enjoyed, serviced, ruled, tooled, rammed, slammed and buttfucked till the sun camed up!Brownie had the whities interlock their arms around the base of his fuckboi centerpiece.This would provide a support structure and the whitetails would be able to enjoy the trembling and quaking of the two boys on their left and right as well as their own as they took pounding black cock again and again, together, in unison, and begged their young masters for more and more and more.....annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd fuckin' got it!Thirty black boys, well, twenty-nine, 'cause Alex couldn't join the fun, circled around and Brownie started the five queues taking care to have each ass lined up alternately with a downstairs troop and an upstairs troop. The queue lines would alternate as well so everybody was getting his fair share of white tail this night.Last dude in each of the five lines could choose to squat into the whitie troop's face and get his nuts and cock sucked or get his ass eaten out, while the young fagpie was being plowed from above. It was contortionist's nightmare for each dude whut did it, but it was just the kind of thing that made things that much fucking hotter. The guy down below would be squeezed between the legs and under the bobbing nuts of the troop that was reaming him some sweetbread. Fuck slop and teen swimsuit models female sweat would be dripping down his neck and back, but like Brownie said, "It makes it thet much sweetah...and thet much hottah, yu bros! Now rub them buttcreases across dem lips like yu means it, bruthas....I wanna see five mo'fuckin' pairs'a brown lips....ya heah???!!"And so it began....lights out being strictly enforced on the post, the flashight in the transsexual top model center permeated the spaces around and between the fucktoys, so that the black masterboys could get the pleasure of seeing their prey, while ram-fucking cock to 'em.The light emitted from the flashlight was spooky, and became downright eerie while the bodies around it were rutted, rocked, ravaged and reamed making the light almost strobe-like around them. It just added childrens models nudity to the total hot fucking cock sex of it all and the black soldier boys really got into it grunting and moaning and giving their white fellow boots the attention their mouth holes and assholes needed all their lives.The other six fuckers who were doing Hodge back in the top girl models latrine took turns from Paulie to come out and pound some fresh jillian grace model white tail before going back to beating on Hodge.Here it was the teens model biz early morning of the company's first field problem and 10 mile forced march to the battle site, and they were fucking the shit out of whiteboi ass all the night! Shit, even Sarge had his young tools working out all night.The scene of the toy tails smiling skyward for the pleasure of all those black dudes.... wheww! When it was finally set, it reminded one of rack of lamb the way the legs were are curved up and out, with the meaty morsel-age of the troops, I think it was Roodster who hollered out..."Rack of Honkyboi, the 'other' white meat!!!!"Laughter all around as ebony mashers sank to their merciful task tasha model clips of satisfying those dick-needy young lambs.It was a night to be remembered. What a fuck party to celebrate their first field exercise! Shit man....and who was to say it was going to stop just because they were in the field? The white boys were last to stumble out for formation having had to sexy ass models serve as urinals in the latrine till everyone of their masters was drained after showers and breakfast.The usual run around the camp's outer road was canceled since they had a ten mile march planned that day.Shrummer fell down five times trying to get to formation. He couldn't really stand and the boots were so average nude models tough to put on, even Sarge relented and let him wear sneaks to formation.Sarge sent two whiteasses down to the orderly room for a litter to carry Shrum in during the march. Some of the black kids were pissed Shrummer the Hummer was going to be 'riding' while they was marching. Hmmmm....there was always a plan.....a method to it all.The troops were given 10 minutes to collect rifles, ammo, bayonnets, packs, meal kits, tent halves, and the rest of the necessary gear for the march and battle problem.The litter arrived and was laid out in front of Sarge who called Shrum front and center to lay in it.Part of the fun was when Sarge told Privates Denny and Barry, fresh from getting their brains fucked out all night at the hands the thirty-six snickering blacks in ranks, to come out front and undress their fellow troop to simulate his being injured in battle and his having to be carried. They stripped away more and more of his uniform and had to tear his tee shirt to use as mock bandage material, sexy collant models and leave him such that the only thing left was his army issue green boxers.Barry and Denny returned to ranks and Hinds and Hodge were informed that they would carry the litter the first five miles. The black troops all doubled over and laughed, high fivin', low fivin' and Brownie the Clownie was so hysterically happy he totally lost it and fell down kicking his boot feet in the air all together!But that wasn't all. Rood was called front and center and informed he was to replace Alex as 1st Squad Leader, annnnd, was to form a new squad from all the white dudes in the other squads and 2 of the original black members plus himself would make free models deflowered up the eleven men. One squad would be a man shy because of Alex' assignment.The company was called to attention for the march. Private videos sexo modelos Alex, Acting Colonel.....their own bunk mate was in command. If he did well on this effort, there might not be another serious candidate for Soldier of the Post honors. The black dudes was all behind him.The march was on!Down the road past all the barracks, out the rear gate and on into the open country on dirt roads toward the battle site. Sarge trailed behind in his jeep.1st and 3d Squads marched on the left side of the road, the others on the right. The litter with Shrum was trailing 1st Squad.Fucking Brownie was the first to sieze on the rare availability of Shrum to Platoon cock. He moved up to take one litter handle from Hinds who was carrying the end of the litter where Robbie Shrum's head was. He barked down in hoarse whispered tones, "Turn over cocksucker and get on diss!"All the dudes started getting antsy again and snickering, christina model bathtub some rubbing dicks in their fatigues, as Brownie's 5 incher slipped into Shrum's mouth for child teen model his umpteenth protein serving of the week!It wasn't long before every one of the black troops had sounded off whispered numbers of order in which they would have Shrum glom their hog. This was a special treat since Sarge was practically the only one who had his way with Robbie till now. Some of the dudes were sure Sarge set this up for white troops to be played holly teen model on through the whole exercise....including putting them all together in one squad. Brownie patted Shrum's butt and got this big assed grin all over his face....there NO butt plug! Brownie got rock hard all over again! He slapped hands with the others as he slipped back into his place in the column.The exercise called for one squad to be captured and held in a detention area sometime during the latina model teen problem.....any guesses?Back at the motel on the road: Hobbs was in all his gleamy nude littles models white-teethed glory. The dim light of the motel room and the flicker-light from the TV, gave a special feel to the moment as Hobbs set up Bo to be eating his asshole while he reamed out the young saleman who was going to be eating him some fine blond, twinky boy dick and balls while he served up his ass.Barry Jameson had drooled childr teens model for that big black cock on the bus, and now there looked to be no end of the ways ol' Sgt. Hobbs was going to be honoring that dream. Hobbs just marveled at the whiteboi skins....their smooth pliability. Those assholes and how they opened for him....beckoning him to sink his massive tool to the shorthairs up inside every one of them.Barry whimpered as the big man drove him deeper and deeper into the covers and mattress. Hobbs was bouncing the motherfucker so hard that the spread would flop and fly up around him and seeming to try and cover asian model tokyo that tight white ass. But Hobbs fucked on! He ravaged the young fucktool! He bited into Barry's ear and growled, "You love it l'il salesboy punk...don'tchu! DON'TCHU?""Unnggg! Ohfff! Yeh! Ohh! southern belle model Yes...ohgodsir! Oh! I can't...cock....Ohyeh...fuck me! Give it...oh FUCKME!!!!" young Barry begged and squealed and whinged and whimpered not knowing a damn thing he was saying but knowing at least in his unspoken dreams, that this...THIS BIG BLACK COCK! was all he wanted all his life!!!! "Unggg! Goddddd! Ahh! OH! Give meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" I bet he never dreamed though....that it would come to him exactly like THIS!Hobbs licked vlads models top his neck and bit back on the dudeboi's ear and said, "Boy....yu getting it fuckah! Yu gettin' it....andju awways gonna be prteteen models gettin' it! Ol' Hobbs gonna be takin' care'a yuuuuu.....AND yo' ass....fer'a long, lonnnnnnnnng time!"Hobbs reached back and got the nape of his asseater's neck, and pulled Bo around like a little kitten on top of Barry's shoulders. He yanked the boy's legs out wide, "Yowwww!" Bo screamed.Hobbs stuck out his tongue and that rough raspy rasberry tinged muscle slipped under Bo's toyboy balls and sucked them both right into his mouth. Bo was soooo scared. He was dead certain this big black mutha young whitney model was gonna chew the balls right off'a him!Tears preeten model forum streamed from the kid's eyes. He clenched them shut awaiting the dreadful moment he'd be neutered.....but no....nooooooooo! Hobbs tongued his nuts away and bit down hard on the kid's scrotum right where it joined his prick. Then he sucked the whole sack tight to his teeth and gnawed european naked model down and chewed it like it a wad of gum. Bo couldn't believe it. The pain was a lot like that first time Sarge sank his 9 inch probe through his boypussy wrinkles. It was then sooooo fuckin' gooooood! Hobbs broke out in a big smile when the young boy dude blowed his wad all over Hobb's face from the sheer pleasure-pain he inflicted on the nn boy model boy's nutbag! (Of course, Ssfffummmpp!' "Errrrmppphhhh!" the young soldier-to-be took a shot to his belly for shooting off.)Bo was terrified now he might puke after doubling over in the face of wadding into Hobbs' big black puss.But Hobbs had original cock to fry, and pulled on the Twink's toe real hard till the kid climbed out of Barry's mouth, over and around the punched out Bo, and crawled back to Hobbs where the big man pointed to the Bo cum on his face and nose for the twinker to lick off.When the twink was done cleaning Hobbs' face he pulled Bo and twinkyboi next to him, with the twink on top of Bo. "Okay yu boys, I wantchu to be faggin' each'n other real good, jes' like you faggots was borned to be. I wanna believe it that yu in love and wanna get married and have each other's baby faggots, hear? Now DO IT!" Hobbs growled through his gritting, big white teeth.Twinky dived his tongue into Bo's mouth and started to hump his toyboi groin into Bo. Bo was getting into it....slowly....his cock was leading the way. Their hard tools rubbed and rubbed and they humped and banged boy bods like there was no tuhmorruh. They grunted, and huffed, gasped and wheezed...they were starting to really 'have' each give themselves to each other completely. The bed rocked.Hobbs joyed in the site unfolding right next to him as the two boys were having to love like this for the first time and still he never missed a rut-fucking beat up into young Barry, who was grunting with every heavyweight pummeling he took from the huge man. "Does yo' luv yo' niggah man pumpin' new life into yo' hole boy? Tell ol' Hobbs yo' does!""Yesssssirrrr...Missstuh uhghh Hobbs suhhh...I love niggah up mah hole...yesssuh!"'S-S-S-S-S-M-M-M-A-C-K-K-K-K-K-K!!!!' 'Crack! 'Smuck!' Hobbs gave Barry a roundhouse open handed smack across his beet red sweaty face. Even the pillow Barry's face was buried in didn't protect little fuck models him a bit....and for good measure Hobbs smashed the faces of both the other kids!"Don'tchu DON'TCHU...NEVAH call ol' Hobbs 'niggah', yu crackah fuckin' honky queerbait!!!!" Hobbs roared.He set Barry up....they all knew it. Not one of them said a word. The sting caused tears to well in all their eyes. Not a word. The twink licked photography models the red off Bo's cheek, and Bo licked twinky's off him. Poor Barry just buried his head deeper under his arms in the pillow and whimpered. Hobbs thought it was cute that his whole body rippled in waves when he sobbed.He pulled Barry;s head out by the hair and, 'S-S-S-S-S-M-M-M-A-C-K-K-K-K-K-K!!!!' 'Crack! 'Smuck!' Hobbs bashed them all again. "Jus' a re-remindah, fuckboys....know who yo' is, and who da Massah be's! Urrngggppphh!" Hobbs said as he ram-slammed an extra deep probe deep up into boy Barry.Now Hobbs was chewing Barry's neck and lickin' up into the little hairs there....and as he started to blow his nut, he bit hard on the right tendon at the back of Barry's neck.... tonguing and biting at the same time. The kid's bucking underneath from the pressure pleasure pain he got from the big man, gave Hobbs one of his most satisfying cums ever!!!A'course Twink and Bo was getting pleasure from Hobbs nutting in Barry's cherrybox, 'cause as Hobbs tensed and drove the absolute last of his huge cock up into Barry, he went three knuckles deep and hard, and twisting into both the other boys at the same time. erotic hispanic models It was little svetlana model a whole new thrill for him to model sex shop have two pussywhites squirming onto the fingers of one hand! not to mention his power masher up inside the third bluejeanne model honkyfag."Glowwwwwwwwwwww-reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!" Hobbs roared above the boys as he pulled his black anchor out of Barry's hole with a beautiful, 'Sssswwushhhhhhsssskkkkkkk!'He squatted down between Barry's legs and pulled Twink's and Bo's faces on to his Barry probe and they ravenously went to work kiddy top model cleaning the spermslop, and Barry inner hole juice off their master's prong. All four of super model sex their hands boy child model and both their tongues worked that tool like they been doin' it all their lifes.Hobbs then pulled both faces together, smooshing the boys cheeks so their lips opened up supermodels nude fashionshoots like guppies and then fed his massive boy pleaser into both their mouths at the same time. He worked their heads with his huge hands...panting and huffing and humping and pumping and "Oh! Uhhh! Take it yu pretty fagboys! Take yo' Daddy's spoooge!"Ravenous does not say it all! The two teens ate Hobbs cock and mansauce A-L-I-V-E! Maybe rabid says it. No, A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!! THAT SAYS IT ALLLLLLLL!Hobbs loved watching the boys lick each other's face after they traded boy spit and then helped the budding love affair along with a fine pair of ebony digits, one up each of the boys' bungers again so they didn't forget why they was gived dem holes!The rutting against each other doubled and redoubled as Hobbs digitally rewired their young pussies readying their internal software for more to cummmmmm!Hobbs laid back then and watched his young charges service each other's body. Twink and Bo were eating Hobbs' deposit out of Barry, and then swapping cum curdle olina teen model between their tongues. Hobbs said, "Now yu learnin' how to be brothers....I mean WHITIE black mastahs...we don't eat ass, childmodel pics tgp boys....but we know how much y'all sweetbreads does. DIG IN! nn kds models Happy Thanksg ivin'.....HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!"The boys just didn't care anymore. None of what they had was theirs anymore...they didn't think it...they just knew it. They belonged body and soul to their new master, and quivered, squealed, whimpered, grunted, moaned and gasped to give that man every last thing he needed to be happy.'Barrup! Bram! Bam!'Everybody jerked their raspers out foto modell erotik of their respective buddy body part and looked to the door...."Back to work, faggots...'iss prob'ly the office punk on his break with my chow. You get back to yur own chowin'!" Hobbs called over his shoulder as he went to the door.His massive hog hung long, sleek, black, and thick and shimmered from teen spitslick in the light of the parking lot. The kid from the motel office handed up the bag of stuff Hobbs had asked him to get earlier.The young dude was bustin' to see into the room which reeked of funk and fuck that wafted up into the dude's face and nose. He rubbed his itchy prick through his jeans not wanting to take his eyes off Hobbs' humongous tool, but still trying to see some of the action forum model nn inside.Hobbs cupped the back of the teener's head in the palm of his hand, and said, "You thinks yuh wanna play, boy?"The kid was so fuckin' horny and anxious for whatever the fuck was happenin' just inside, that big european models he just nodded rapidly, breathlessly, almost whispering, "Ohh yehhh!" rubbing frantic on his cock through his pants now,"Yeww thinks yo' man enuff?" Hobbs goaded the fool punk."C'moaan, Trav! getcher ass a'movin'! Yur break's gonna be ovah and we ain't chased shit in this one horse town tuhnight!" came the prodding from his four buds in the car revvin' out in the center of the lot, wantin' to go find model elli teen them some pussy.The motel kid shot a hand out toward the car to calm them down, without missin' a beat and blurted out, "Oh, yehhh...yessss...sir! I be tooled and reddd-deee! and I sure am man enuff! I got me mah fust piece'a tail when I wuz jes' 10 y'ar old...mah tenth birfday, matter'a fack! You knows ahm ready, suhhh! Yessuh!" he was hunching and knee-bending wantin' so bad to get in whut he didn't nuthin' about whut ranger model 35a was happenin'....just wanted the fuck INNN!With the bag of feed in one hand held up like a waiter does from underneath, and the young dude, petite model measurements 'Trav'.... trying to peek under Hobbs' elbow, Hobbs rubbed his broad chin with the other hand. He was looking out at the car with them four other whitie pullets just about as flaming fuckin' hot as the one he had right in front of him arab models nude beggin' for play, and said, "W'alllll....lammee thank on'iss fer a few...." and shut the door leaving ol' Trav streamin' prefuck in his jeans! Trav was crazed and might'a about started hump-fuckin' the door jamb if........ Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to Positive and negative comments welcome. For other stories, see JARROD on the Authors Page.
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